Sunday, July 25, 2010

What Silly Boys I Have

Tonight when the boys came home from church they told me they would be putting on a show for me at 8:00. They got together some musical instruments and began to sing "Jesus Loves Me" It was great! Even though they mixed up some words. That just made it funny. After that they sang and did the motions for "The Hokey Pokey" That was definitely funny cause Jackson joined them and had so much fun shaking his legs and arms around.

The last song was "Who is the King of the Jungle" You know the part where you spell out the name of Jesus and shout "YES"? Carter id something we laughed so hard at. Here is what he spelled, "G-E-F-U-S" Who was he singing about, i have no clue! We now have another great memory of Carter. He did not even know he did it. So silly!

It sure is great to have boys that are not boring. With dull days and the same thing happening each day these diversions are a blessing to be a part of. I sure am thankful to our Lord for my wonderful boys, whom I loved so much. Thank you God for them and our beautiful baby girl. Oh, love you to James, if it were not for you I would never have these 6 beautiful children! Thank you for working hard to keep us going.

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  1. What an extroidinary family!!!! So many happy memories being made. Never forget them Claire. Write them down. There will be a day when the past becomes less clear. I will remember the rolls next time. I promise. I was so happy to see how much the boys loved the new park. Truly a safe and fun place to be. Love to all.