Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday...the Lords day

We all go up late this morning. I had a hard time sleeping last night and James stayed up to late playing games on the X-Box. I went to bed at a descent hour just couldn't sleep good.

There is no post for Saturday. It was such a busy day. Very hot outside and when we went outside it was very windy. Not a good day for a full skirt! I had to use my hands to hold my skirt down each time i got out of the car. "Sorry boys, Mommy can't hold your hand."

We went out as a family and it was nice to be together, just not fun where we went. I promise I will never do it again. It was nothing wrong or evil, just I am never doing it again. We thought, actually James thought, it would be nice to do. He soon learned it was not a good thing. I warn him all the time about going out during nap time. I know how my children are when they go with no nap. All you Mom's out there can testify to it. Why does he not remember? They need naps for a reason. Same time everyday. Same children everyday. Now did you learn your lesson, James? Haaaa haaaaa

Today is Sunday and we left late for Church. We got to Sunday School when it was almost over and I had nursery. So, I felt as if I never was in the service. I really wasn't so that explains things. I did enjoy the nursery though. Not every baby was there and the ones that were there behaved very well. Even my little sweetie! She is so amazing, I love her dearly! Thank you God for our daughter!

I got a sweet tea at McD's on the way home. It was terribly hot and humid. I want our AC fixed in the car so badly! Maybe someday? I also want my dishwasher fixed, which will happen first? Any guesses? LOL

That is all for now, time to get the boys dressed for church.

Who knows what will happen tonight, something exciting maybe?

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