Friday, June 5, 2009

I found this old photo of jackson taking a bath. as you can see someone is trying to poke his eye. any guess as to who it may be? if you are a member of my family i am sure you know! the wise guy is jamison.

jackson was about 7 or 8 months in the picture. i thought it was funny so i wanted to share it.

Jackson has been walking for over a month now. he has started to walk so fast he loses his balance and falls down. you can always see it coming. he is proud of himself when he walks around. just last week i found out he knows how to get down the stairs. we have a gate at the bottom to keep him from going up. everyone was upstairs the boys were playing, then i couldnt find jackson. where's jackson i said. a voice from downstairs said. he's down here with me. how did he get down there i asked. he came down himself.

he can also climb up the ladder on the boys bunk beds which is not a good thing. we are constanatly keeping watch on that one. we have told him no and swatted him but they never give up!

i am off to my mom's for a girls night out! bye