Thursday, May 19, 2011

                                          What in the world is that?  Cron dog Muffins?

They did not turn out as I had planned.  They ended up eating only the hot dogs.  I used the wrong corn flour.  I only had some corn mesa on hand & I don't suggest using that.

Our Trip to the Buffalo Science Museum

Nice Lion

 This was their  favorite thing to do at the museum.  They built a water way and canal and had so much fun with it.

                                                           Quin building some fun.

                                                              Jackson at the train table.

                                             Jackson didn't want his brothers having all the fun!

                                              It was great fun for them, they worked together.

                                             Abigail even had a good time in the toddler area.

                                                   Yes, I know it's sideways!  I couldn't move it.

Jackson and the polar bear

We all had a great time at the museum this day.  We are looking forward to going again in the near future.

A Trip to the Zoo

You all know how much little boys enjoy things that are  gross and disgusting, right?

Here is a photo I took while at the zoo a few weeks ago and it goes in that category. 

Hope you get a good laugh just as my boys did.   These Monkeys/Apes are the highlight of our Zoo trips!