Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Playing at the Splash Pad

What did we do this morning? We walked down to our park and splashed in the splash pad. It was fun at usual. There was no one there. The boys had it all to themselves. I love it when it is like that! Some young children showed up awhile later, so they had a few children to play with. They did not stay long so we had it to ourselves again.

I almost didn't want to leave when it was time to go home today. I really enjoyed the quietness and the beauty of the park. I wish I had brought lunch with us. Then we could have stayed longer.

James is takig the older 4 boys to the pool right now. I must admit, as much as I hater where I live, it is nice that we have the park at the end of our street. THey came home and had to change shirts. A new rule is "no shirt or a white shirt". You are wearing a shirt no matter what others are doing! "Why Mommy?" A lesson in keeping our bodies covered properly was learned today. Thank you Lord for my 5 boys, whom I love dearly!

Surprisingly enough, Jamison has been very good today. Each time he begins to act up I am right there saying something nice and giving him a hug. It seems to be working. Who knew? Carter has a problem with being really bossy to his brothers, any suggestions?

We are working on not tatteling in our home. I can not stand when any child does that! Unless they are in danger I do not want to be reported back as to what everyone is doing wrong!

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