Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sick Boys

So the past 2 nights I have been awakened about 4 A.M. to the sounds of Jackson throwing up in his bed. What a gross mess for anyone to clean up. So, I guess Jamison didn't like Jackson getting all the attention so he proceeded to throw up as well. Why does it have to be so stinky and disgusting? Jackson's bed was so hard to clean up in the dark. Do I turn the light on and risk waking up the other boys in the room? Uh, no!

Just as I am cleaning up the vomit, here comes the runny stinky diaper mess. Come on! It's Sunday! I stayed home and worked more than normal mornings. I am so tired tonight! The boys seem to be doing alot better. They are a bit warm when I feel their foreheads. Jamison enjoyed a few games of Lego Batman alone while he stayed home. Jackson watched alot of "Cailliou". It is his favorite!

I sure do hope I get not surprise awakenings this evening! Pray I don"t.

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