Monday, July 12, 2010

Nothing happen today

We did not do much today so not much happen. I am making progress with Jamison and his temper. He spends alot of time screaming and yelling. Today there was an issue and he was crying so much, cause he got in trouble, that he was all red and sweaty. It took him a long time to calm down, but he did.

I took the boys to Caz. Park to play in a splash pad they have there. There was way to many people there to have fun. Quin didn't go play in the water until alot of children left. Jackson spent most of the time chasing the sea gulls. He loved doing that. Abigail was good as well. She enjoyed playing with an empty water bottle. (don't worry I took the lid off) She was happy as a clam! How can you tell if clams are happy? Oh, well.

We came home very late. Took naps. Then I went out grocery shopping. No one wanted to go with me today. All by myself! I stopped at 7-11 and bought a Slurpee. It hit the spot. It was a hot day in Buffalo. Target had some great deals on clothes for Abigail. That baby has more clothes than I do. That is so not fair! I wish I could get a shirt and skirt for $1.50! She is so easy to buy for. She never complains about anything I buy her.

James made dinner cause I came home late, cause I spent to much time at Target! Then he took us to 7-11 for Slurpee's. I got 2 in 1 day. Lucky me! Only the children who ate dinner got a Slurpee.(not Quin or Jamison) Sorry boys, ya gotta eat!

On Tuesday we are going to our splash pad if the weather is hot. When is it not hot now? Yikes, I love the Fall and Winter!

The Lord took care of us today, cause nothing happen today. We are all safe with no owwies. Did I spell that right? owwies? Is it a real word? Thank you Lord for keeping us safe and free from harm! You are always there for us!

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