Saturday, October 23, 2010

Alot Has Happened...

Life has changed much since I last posted. Nothing really life changing just daily things that add to the excitement of life. Summer is over and it is now Autumn. The leaves have changed and begun to fall. Here is Western new York we are awaiting our first snow fall. You can always count on it snowing a small amount by the end of October in our part of the world.

School has started. They boys are working on improving their reading and penmanship. It will be sometime next week when the PACES arrive. So far Kendall is the only one excited about the new work. He is finishing up some Kindergarten work and Carter and Quin have 2 PACES they are working on. The boys are also doing some work in some old ABEKA books that I have. Carter has been enjoying the math work. I have been using their K-5 and 1st grade readers to help Quin improve his reading. They are easy readers and it is giving him more confidence when he reads. I am slowly adding harder stories each day. We need to work on more blends with him, that is where he struggles the most I have noticed. It is getting better. I don't even want to think about homeschooling Jamison next year! He is so not ready for it now.

I need to go get ready for the day. It has been a great weekend so far and I waiting for some more fun later on today. We are on a Married Couples retreat in Niagara Falls.