Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Fun

My Mother found a park not to many people know about and we went there today. Thank you ,Mother! We had the most fun and the boys can not wait to go back another day. We are going again on Wednesday. We are planning on going when they open at 10 A.M.

It is in Lancaster and it is surrounded by trees and tucked it a nice neighbor hood. It was so wonderful to get away from the city for a the morning. When we got home James took the 4 oldest to the pool while the other 2 took naps.

There is a hill at the park and they put down some plastic and made a water slide. That is what my boys loved. We were not prepared to get wet. I let them go anyway. Jackson even went down one time with Carter. I did not think Jamison, 4, would be brave enough to slide down. He showed me I was wrong and went down and down and down. I will take pictures when we go on Wednesday and then post them another day, so you can all see the fun.

I wish I was a kid again just to go down the water slide!

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