Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day at our house (on video).

James gave me a digital video camera for a Valentine's gift.  I have wanted on for awhile now.  It is small like a phone.  Kodak makes it, the color is Raspberry.  Nice.  I am still playing with it to use it the right way.  The boys keep asking me to video them.  All they want is to see themselves.  Silly boys.  I gave James some new headphones for his X-Box.  He picked it out.  What do I know about X-Box?  Nothing.

It was a fun day at our house this year.  Since I am making new traditions for Holidays this year, Valentine's was my 2nd try at it.  It all worked out good.  I had 2 scavenger hunts for the boys.  They got a new game for the Wii and a coupon for a milkshake.  They love milkshakes!  James gave me a tulip plant.  I love tulips!  Had them in my wedding bouquet.  I love to get flowers but would much rather have something that lasts.  So a video camera and a tulip plant are perfect!

Valentine's Day at our house!

                                                   Here is our Valentine's Day breakfast table.

                                    On the menu was heart shaped pancakes and heart shaped eggs.

                                                       Here are our yummy heart pancakes!

                                 Everyone is ready to eat!  They were hungry.  It took longer than I
                                                      wanted it to to make our love food!

                                                                   Happy brothers

                                       Now on to lunch.  Heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches. 
                                                           They were fun to eat today!

                                                        Jackson was ready to eat!

Still don't know why he was so grumpy.  His mood changes daily.  Nice red hair he has.

New Topics

          Wow!  With all the computer problems we have had recently I have been away along time from my blog. Since no one looks at my blog I know I was not missed.  boo hoo.  Oh, well.  I am back and have new ideas for my blog.  I keep changing things on here.  I need to concentrate on our homeschooling now so that is our new subject.  I will still add photos of our cooking and baking cause it is just so fun to do with my boys.  Abigail is only 14 months old so she just can't do anything buy play with the bowls and spoons on the kitchen floor while  we all bake.

          So keep in touch!