Monday, September 26, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys


     I was going to spend some time here and add some photos of our trip to the Erie County Fair.  Or maybe talk about when school started.  BUT...All the children decided to wake up right when I turned on the computer this morning.  They should still be sleeping!  Oh well.  Off to make some pancakes...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time has gotten away...

Time sure has gotten away from me this last month.  I have alot of updating to do on here.  I have many photos of the Fair I should share with you.  Maybe just a few.  School has also started.  Lots of changes there.  We rearranged 2 rooms to make school better for all of us.  We are all enjoying the new feel of the rooms.  Perhaps I will have time this weekend to update more, who knows.  Right now, I am going to get my coffee and Bible before the crumbs wake up!  Thank you for following!  Have a wonderful day.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Giveaway from The Duggars!

I found the Duggars family blog not to long ago.  On it is a giveaway for their latest book "A Love That Multiplies"  Here is the link to the giveaway they are having. It ends on Aug.25th, so go now to enter!

I sure hope to win the book!  I have not read it yet and would love to!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

National Night Out

Here in Western New York communities celebrated National Night Out.  We decided to go to Fireman's Park near my brother house and have fun.  My camera ran out of power quickly, so not as many photos were taken that we wanted.

They boys had fun shooting a target with the fire hose.  Here is Jamison taking his turn.  I didn't get the camera out quick enough to take a photo of Kendall & Carter doing it.

Jackson really enjoyed it. 

We got funny balloon characters from a clown.  We got Army dog tags.  Which Carter loved the most.  There were Police cars to explore in.  Fire demonstrations.  MaGruff was there also.  Abigail followed him then he looked at her and she cried.  There even was a bounce house.  Just one.  They needed 2.  A Helicopter landed and took off from the baseball field.  That was great to see.

We ate free pizza & hot dogs!  Plus free soda pop.  I smelled cotton candy but saw none.  Maybe someone was teasing me?  LOL  I love love love cotton candy!

Overall it was a fun and exciting evening.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Homemade Won Ton Pizza Pockets

 These were made with one pack of Won Ton Wraps.  I just added some homemade pizza sauce & cheese.
They turned out  better than I thought they would.  You could stuff them with anything you want.  My next goal is to make a sweet filling for them.  Something with cream cheese sounds yummy!

 A small dab of pizza sauce & a small cube of cheese.

                               We the edges with water and press to seal closed.  Then fold away!

Here they are baking in oven.  350 for about 10-12 min.  That is all it took.  It took longest to put them together that it did to bake them.  You could boil them also. The cheese oozed out of some of them.  I just need to seal them better next  time.

If you make them I hope you enjoy them.  What filling will you be making?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Fun

( I have tried for about 6 hours to load up this video.  It wont do it so I have given up.  Now you can read the comments and just imagine the silly video of Carter and Luke in my kitchen ;-)  )

This is what children do when they get a hold of the video camera with out the parents knowledge.  Where are the parents you ask?  Out in the Living Room visiting with one another because they have not seen each other in 3 years.

The boys made about 7 videos that day.  Carter seemed to be the master mind behind it all.  So silly!  I am glad the boys enjoyed each others company so much during the visit.  I sure enjoyed

Here is everyone, except Abigail.  I was holding her, she was cranky.  It was nap time, you know how that goes.  What a great bunch of children!

Summer fun at the Splash Pad!  See in the background...our new playground equipment.  Ours needed replacement years ago.  So glad the grants were there to help out!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Julia Child eat your heart out!

       They were so much easier than I ever imagined!  So light and you can fill them with anything you want!

                 The batter was runny and needed a 15 min. rest.  I have never made them before now.       I will be  making them more often for sure!  Super easy.

I have heard that the first one never comes out, well they were right.  It was browned but it torn when I turned it.  Everyone after that was perfect!  I was so glad to  see them form so easily.  If you have not tried it you must soon. 

                                      A small 10 inch pan is all I needed.   Don't they look great!

                                                 Here is my stack, it made about 15 or so.   

My fillings were not planned out.  I just woke up and thought, "today is crepe day" so I did not have much on hand for breakfast fillings.  Plus it was hot and humid out and NO WAY was I turning on the stove for any cooking.  Or an extra burner to whip up some eggs. 

I got a little fancy with mine.  I spread strawberry jelly down the center then some sliced banana.  I put a little syrup on top for a yumo breakfast!