Monday, July 26, 2010

Target Deals

What an amazing time I had shopping at Target today. I stopped in before my regular grocery shopping and got lots of things for free. Yes, I said FREE.

On Facebook I found a page that is "Money Saving Mom" Each day she posts things she finds that cost little or no money. She lets you know of the deals at CVS and Walgreens.. Different online deals. Coupons from different companies. Today was a post about Target deals. So I looked into it and could not resist!

I printed out the coupons and had a big stack of them. I hopped they would let me use them all. Some people don't know that Target will let you use a manufactures coupon and a
Target coupon. So you get extra savings. I put all my goodies in my cart and went to the checkout line. The total came to $26.48. That is before the coupons. I handed her the coupons and she scanned all of them. Then my total was ...get this...$6.20! $6.20!

Here is what i got-

4- 8packs of juicy juice boxes for just .54 cents each.
4 microwave bowls chef boyardee - FREE
1 Aquafresh kid toothpaste .12 cents
2 Sobe life water- FREE
1 Wonka bar- .29 cents
2 pack bagel bites .24 cents each
1- 10 pack Bic pens red, FREE

There was more I could have bought or gained. but I did not want to buy it just cause it was cheap. I wanted to get things I used or needed. I think she has a blog I will look for the link and post it for you in case you want to look at it.

It is not a blog but a website.

Hope you can get some amazing deals as I did!

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