Thursday, March 17, 2011


My attempt at making shamrock pancakes for breakfast this morning.  It was easy to make them green.  It was not easy to make the shamrock shape. 

Even after making a few of them I still could not get the right shape of a shamrock.  Oh, well.  All that really maters is that the boys enjoyed them.

Green pancakes?  What is this?  They sat and stared. They sat and wondered what it was.  They sat and made funny faces.  You want us to eat this?  As if...then the tasted it and realized they were poison free and yummy!

This squirt bottle I picked up from Walmart the other day came in handy.  I first drew an outline of the shamrock then filled it in with batter.  They tasted just fine!

Eating green food can be fun.  They ate all they could eat.  Well, at least everyone but Jackson.  He just licked the syrup off his plate.  He was happy.

I just realized she looks like she has red hair in this photo.  Oh, no!  I can only handle one of those, please God, not another!  LOL  She ate her shamrock pancakes.  (Yes she is wearing her brother's pj's, When you have 5 boys then a girl you have to make due with what you have.  They don't have coupons for PJ's)    Next we are making Patty Cakes.(cupcakes with green frosting).  Great Home Economics project.  I will make sure you get to see the green mouths from the Patty Cakes!

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  1. So adorable. I love St. Patricks day, because it celebrates my fav. color. I think the pancakes look great.