Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bounce Magic

 We got to go to Bounce Magic back in Feb. for Jamison & Jackson's birthdays.  We usually do Chuck E. Cheese, but changed it this year.  We spent a long time having fun!  Abigail loved it.  She enjoyed crawling around the bounce houses.

Is that me?  It sure is hard to get your 8 yr. old to take a good photo, LOL.  I bounced too, so much fun!

Jamison did flips and tumbles all over.  The boys really enjoyed themselves this time.  It was worth going to just to watch them have so much fun!

James even climbed in a bounce house and jumped a few times.  It is always fun when Mom and Dad join in on the games.

     A super slide.  Why is it that children enjoy going up slides?  Is it a rule as a child that you have to do it?

                                           Carter & Quin using team work to get up the slide?

                                                              Hey there birthday boy!

          She was worn out like the rest of us! Time to go home and take a nap.  She loves her Daddy.

The basket balls were the little guys favorite.  Jackson stayed in this one most of the time cause it had the balls and a  net.  So glad we went.  It was worth every penny we paid.  Glad that parents are free!

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