Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Brownie Cupcake Fail

 I was inspired by Paula Dean.  I don't watch cooking shows like I used to anymore.  I get m inspiration from the Internet, friends on Facebook, Family and my 2 favorite cookbooks.  I just happen to record an episode and this is what she made.  Brownie Cupcakes with peanut butter chips in the  middle.  Sound yummy right?  i thought so.  Make the brownies as you normally would.  Fill the muffin cup 1/2 way then add some peanut butter chips.(I used swirled chips) 
 Add the remaining brownie batter on top and the let them bake.  Take them out of the oven and let cool.  Then you can enjoy your homemade goodness...or can you?

At first glance they looked amazing, a success!  Then the time came to get them out of the muffin pan.  Failure, indeed.  The bottoms stuck to my well greased muffin pan.  So I let them sit longer, still stuck.  Oh, well.  What can you do?  Even the most expert chef has their moments.  This was mine, LOL 

Try try butterfly!

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