Friday, December 24, 2010

Here is a photo of some of the finished gingerbread men & women. I ate some of the leftover frosting and am regretting it. Sweetness in my mouth is too much. I need to go brush my teeth and go to bed.
I almost forgot to share the recipe. I got it from a young friend of mine from college. She posted it on Facebook and I looked into it. It has butter in it! Yummy! Gingerbread Men recipe. Hope you enjoy as much as we did.

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  1. Wow - I honestly have never made beautiful gingerbread men like this! I guess it's because my mother told me the story of making some for my brother's class, spending hours and the children taking one bite then throwing them in the trash. But yours look delicious!

    Thanks for stopping by my $5 Dinners mac and cheese post. I answered your comment. You are a woman after my own heart. We use the crock pot every Sunday too!