Thursday, July 28, 2011

Homemade Won Ton Pizza Pockets

 These were made with one pack of Won Ton Wraps.  I just added some homemade pizza sauce & cheese.
They turned out  better than I thought they would.  You could stuff them with anything you want.  My next goal is to make a sweet filling for them.  Something with cream cheese sounds yummy!

 A small dab of pizza sauce & a small cube of cheese.

                               We the edges with water and press to seal closed.  Then fold away!

Here they are baking in oven.  350 for about 10-12 min.  That is all it took.  It took longest to put them together that it did to bake them.  You could boil them also. The cheese oozed out of some of them.  I just need to seal them better next  time.

If you make them I hope you enjoy them.  What filling will you be making?


  1. These sound and look yummy. I gotta give it a try.

    Better than pizza rolls I'm sure.

  2. They took a while to make, but I was not rushing. I liked them right out of the oven. We ate them the next day at our church pot luck and they were not as warm. I did just heat them up in the microwave. They just cooled fast. A good kid food. The best part is you can put anything in them ya want.