Wednesday, August 3, 2011

National Night Out

Here in Western New York communities celebrated National Night Out.  We decided to go to Fireman's Park near my brother house and have fun.  My camera ran out of power quickly, so not as many photos were taken that we wanted.

They boys had fun shooting a target with the fire hose.  Here is Jamison taking his turn.  I didn't get the camera out quick enough to take a photo of Kendall & Carter doing it.

Jackson really enjoyed it. 

We got funny balloon characters from a clown.  We got Army dog tags.  Which Carter loved the most.  There were Police cars to explore in.  Fire demonstrations.  MaGruff was there also.  Abigail followed him then he looked at her and she cried.  There even was a bounce house.  Just one.  They needed 2.  A Helicopter landed and took off from the baseball field.  That was great to see.

We ate free pizza & hot dogs!  Plus free soda pop.  I smelled cotton candy but saw none.  Maybe someone was teasing me?  LOL  I love love love cotton candy!

Overall it was a fun and exciting evening.


  1. I had fun watching your kids have fun!