Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Fun

( I have tried for about 6 hours to load up this video.  It wont do it so I have given up.  Now you can read the comments and just imagine the silly video of Carter and Luke in my kitchen ;-)  )

This is what children do when they get a hold of the video camera with out the parents knowledge.  Where are the parents you ask?  Out in the Living Room visiting with one another because they have not seen each other in 3 years.

The boys made about 7 videos that day.  Carter seemed to be the master mind behind it all.  So silly!  I am glad the boys enjoyed each others company so much during the visit.  I sure enjoyed

Here is everyone, except Abigail.  I was holding her, she was cranky.  It was nap time, you know how that goes.  What a great bunch of children!

Summer fun at the Splash Pad!  See in the background...our new playground equipment.  Ours needed replacement years ago.  So glad the grants were there to help out!

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