Sunday, January 2, 2011


Our new traditions began on New Years Eve 2010.  I got this idea from a site I recently found, Life as Mom.  She has some amazing ideas.  I made a goodie bag for each boy to open throughout the night.  Each hour beginning at 8 P.M. they each opened a bag.  It had a small gift inside bought from Dollar Tree.  There was  a total of 25 bags. Seeing I have 5 boys.  I did not make any for Abigail, she just turned one a few weeks ago and  went to bed about 8:30 anyway.  The boys loved it.  They made sure to tell us when the hour came to open the next bag.  It helped keep them busy and happy while we waited for midnight to arrive.

Here is what I had inside.  8 P.M. - punching bag & a bouncy ball, 9 P.M. - candy, 10 P.M. - mechanical crayon & magic grow capsules, 11P.M. glow stick, 11:55P.M. - noise makers.

I found 2 kinds of noise makers.  First was the regular kind you would use for this Holiday,  They spin and click.  The other was a blower that sounded like a whoopie cushion. They were a hit.  My boys like these odd types of things. 

We did the countdown and cheered "HAPPY NEW YEAR"  It was so much fun!  The next morning Jamison asked if he was going to get some more.  This is a tradition that we loved and will continue to do every New Years Eve.

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