Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's cooking now?

                                                                    PIZZA QUESADILLAS

3 simple ingredients I already had in the fridge & pantry.  A jar of spaghetti sauce (free from Wegmans), mozzarella cheese, and flour tortilla shells.  Oh, so yummy!

 Here is the way I made them.  Add a tortilla to the skillet and add some sauce, spread all over.  Sprinkle on some cheese and add another tortilla.  Brown on both sides.  Smells like pizza. Cut into triangles and serve.

        Here is Quin enjoying one.  I asked him to smile and this is the face he made. Jamison & Kendall are in the back round.  They all enjoyed them very much.

Sunday nights I made a quick snack before the children go to bed.  We have a big meal in the afternoon when we get home from church which we call "linner"  Lunch and dinner combined, get it?    So when we get home from church Sunday night they need a quick yummy snack before bed. 

You could add anything to this just as you would a pizza.

Gonna try it?

Already made this before?

Happy Cooking!

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