Friday, July 3, 2009

Most of you know by now, but I am going to let you know just in case you do not know. We are going to have another addition to our family. We are going to have baby #6 in late December. Pray for us as we prepare. There are many big things we need like a different car, one that fits 8. Also, it would be a good idea for us to move. That will be the hardest I think. James still is unemployed so we can not afford to move now. So pray he gets a good paying job so we can get the two big things taken care of.

I recently went through a very stressful thing this last week. The LOrd brought me through it and it is all taken care of now. Thanks to God for taking care of us when do not desere it!

School is over, Praise God! I enjoy not rushing to get the work done each day. Now i can take care of things around the house that have been neglected. The boys love playing all day long. They get so dirty! Are all you mom's having this problem also? The boys are wearing shorts and sandles so it is mostly thier legs and feet. Every day it seems they just need that washed. It is starting to drive me crazy. Kendall has a funny tan line on his foot from his sandles. I thought it was dirt but it is a tan.

Jackson loves going outside. He gets his shoes and waits for us to put them on him then waits at the door to go out. He is so funny. He loves to go for walks in the wagon. His favorite toy outside now is a bucket of water. He just splashes in it and laughs. I love watching him do it.

All the boys have bikes now. They are always riding them. We found helmets for each boy. Even Jamison on his tricycle. Carter and Quin have never had a bike so they are learning with training wheels. They are so fast! The bikes were all given to use except Quin's, James found his on big garbage day down the street. It works great, nothing wrong with it. Don't ya just love it when someone throws away a perfectly good item and it becomes yours! Free is great!

I am feeling much better than before. The nasuea has gone for the most part. It creeps back once in awhile. It lasted 4 months. MOrning sicknes yeah right, try all day sickness! Now I am just excausted all day! I could sleep in and still need a nap. It had better be a girl for how I feel!

Enjoy your summer!

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  1. Congratulations on the baby on the way!! Glad you're feeling some better. We'll be praying about the details in housing and transportation and James' job, too! Love ya, my friend!