Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day at our house (on video).

James gave me a digital video camera for a Valentine's gift.  I have wanted on for awhile now.  It is small like a phone.  Kodak makes it, the color is Raspberry.  Nice.  I am still playing with it to use it the right way.  The boys keep asking me to video them.  All they want is to see themselves.  Silly boys.  I gave James some new headphones for his X-Box.  He picked it out.  What do I know about X-Box?  Nothing.

It was a fun day at our house this year.  Since I am making new traditions for Holidays this year, Valentine's was my 2nd try at it.  It all worked out good.  I had 2 scavenger hunts for the boys.  They got a new game for the Wii and a coupon for a milkshake.  They love milkshakes!  James gave me a tulip plant.  I love tulips!  Had them in my wedding bouquet.  I love to get flowers but would much rather have something that lasts.  So a video camera and a tulip plant are perfect!

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