Sunday, March 29, 2009

So much is going on in our lives. The boys are doing wonderful in school each day. James is still without a job and yet the Lord is providing all we need. We have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies.

Church is going better than ever! The weather here in Buffalo has broken and we are now going out soulwinning each Saturday. So far we have had two mens and two ladies groups go out each week. My niece Lizbeth was home from Hyles-Anderson last week so I was able to go out with her. I enjoyed it. Our boys are learning to go out even if they do not want to. This last week Quin did not want to go so I told him of the rewards in Heaven he will get for brinning people to know Christ and it changed his spirit and he was happy again. He even prayed for next week at lunch time.

It is finally springtime here and fishing is on the boys minds. James took them out twice last week and what fun they all had. They came home covered in mud and all wet. James caught one large fish. He was unable to keep it because the area was a catch and release area. Our church hopes to have a fishing outing for the children and adults this summer. We did it at our other church and it was so popular that we decided to do one here. We have a large yard and may have hot dogs there afterwards.

I will put up some pictures of the boys fishing soon. I am at my husbands computer at church and the pictures are at our home computer.

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